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Originally Posted by Jimmy N. View Post
Since I'm in tractor maintenance mode this week, I couldn't help but notice the contrast between the oil change schedules for my Ram and the tractor.

Ram: 15,000 miles, six months, or 500 hours.
Tractor: Every 300 hours.

Very unlike the Ram, the tractor should have its first change at 50 hours. Makes perfect sense to me, getting the break-in crap out of there early, and why I do the same with Rams instead of letting 15,000 miles pass.

Also interesting is that after that initial oil change on the tractor, with a 300 hr interval, the filter is only supposed to be changed every 600 hours.
Naturally I change the filter, too, while I'm at it.

So here we have two turbo charged diesel vehicles that cost about the same. Why are the oil change requirements that different?
My guess is that while a tractor may sit for months, when it gets fired up it's not to go to the corner store two blocks away. Instead it gets used and properly warmed up.

The bottom line is that effectively I'm forced to change my oil every six months on the Ram because so many use theirs as a car, and Ram knows it.
Okay, that's not the whole story. As mentioned, most other vehicles don't have this dumb time based interval, but FCA has seen the opportunity to profit from improperly driven vehicles.
On my new work truck, Cummins, I mean Paccar, basically says no matter how you look at it, 500 hours. I'm OK with that.

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