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Originally Posted by GAmes View Post
I continue to be additive free and spend my money on things that matter.
Note the differences between a tractor engine that uses engine oil for its main lube as opposed to the far more common fuel lubed IP's, what "matters" is directly related to the equipment.

The CR's thrive on additional lube and diesel treatment, the VE pumps that are pushed to the limits NEED the additional additives all the time or they tend to die in spectacular fashion, even the oil lubed IP engines need a periodic dosing of additives to be happy and run better. Mainstay has been PS and standard 2SO in everything for many years and miles. A periodic change to a mix of PS and MMO helps keep the tank, lines, and fuel system that much cleaner. I use about 10 oz's of the PS\lube mix per 1/2 tank and it has shown enough benefits to be worth the extra $$ so it really DOES "matter".

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