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So when its below 80⁰ my truck likes to spit and sputter only after start up when i give it fuel. I can let it idle for 5 min then give it some pedal and it sputters and blows whiteish smoke. Put in first and get on, spits and sputters, then i shift to 2nd and pull 20+ lbs boost. Next 1st gear take off it runs like a top. Wont do it again till after ive shut it down for the night. I dont understand because I have let it idle for 10 minutes and my egts are 300 and it does it. Generally 80⁰ and higher it wont period. Read around online but only have come across posts where its very consistent. I know my motor is in def need of a rebuild do to retarded kid in past trying to run a massive turbo, no fuel plate, marine injectors and 26⁰ timing. Tons of blowby for sure if that might be the reason.

1995 2500 ctd std cab 5 speed 4x4. 18o, 20% over fuel plate, 3k gsk, s300 turbo, arp studs, 3 piece exhaust manifold.
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