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Originally Posted by CR_Hunter View Post
I am unsure of a good line pressure for a stock 68RFE unfortunately. I really am stuck on what to do between 3.2 beta and going back to version 2.1
Like I said in my earlier post I really liked what I remember about 2.1 tune except for the 5th-6th/6th-5th shifting between 55 & 60 MPH never knowing whether it wanted 6th or 5th gear. I love the incredible throttle response with 3.2 beta but feel like the shifts are very inconsistent. Sometimes very smooth transition sometimes harsh and not just TC lockup. Rarely maybe once every two months if that in one specific spot at the right rpm & speed on a slight grade before a corner my truck with downshift really hard which I don't like either. I'm mainly getting tired of the exhaust break now not engaging even at like 50 mph. My 2.1 tune I never had an issue with the exhaust break not engaging. When I ask CTT about it months ago they said 3.2 beta was the tune everyone told them they loved. Curious to know if 3.3 or 3.4 tune will work for a 2017 6.7 with the 68RFE.

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Everything with the CTT has worked great, but,
the trans tuning is really poor in my opinion

Harsh and inconsistent shifting, even with ZERO horsepower added.
4th, 5th, and 6th work great. The 2-3 up-shift is horrible.

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