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Originally Posted by slpcrf450x View Post
That looks good and out of the way. What did you use for a pump? Is that an 4500 or 5600? The drain and fill must be pipe thread? The drain on the g56 is directly on the bottom so I didn't want to have anything hanging down. There are also not pipe thread. I'm sure I could have figured it out and used the fill for the return, but the plate was easy and it was coming off anyway.

Also the bar mounted high above your driveline, is that for a traction bar setup?

How long have you run that gear vendors setup? Do you tow with it? How much power are you running through it?
I used a standard transfer pump. I have one for my engine pre-oiler (attached below) and I also have another one for my auxilary fuel tank pump as well. It also has a spin on filter plumbed in as well.

Makes sense on the drain plug if it is on the bottom. I would have done the same if that were the case for me.

The truck is a 2003 2500 but heavily modified. I swapped in a 6.7 cummins with an Eaton FSO8406a (much more stout).

The bar above the drive line is a ladder bar. Traction bars are Junk. I am putting 1000 hp thru my axle and I don't get any axle wrap and I also go off roading and I still get full articulation compared to a traction bar setup.

I have had the gear vendors for a couple years. I haven't broken it so far. I have towed an rv with it but I never engaged it while towing. I usually use it when I am unloaded cruising on the freeway. I get 1650 rpm at 70mph with it in the highest gear. Overall I like it but I am worried I could break it if I am too hard on it. My truck weighs 9300lbs with me in it and I can spin my 37inch tires going 70mph. Again, it hasn't broken yet, but i am careful when I use it.
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