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Originally Posted by Dylanss180 View Post
I took some photos of my setup. I have a 34 row exchanger with 1/2 an fittings and lines. My exchanger is over the driveshaft. The oil gets pulled from the drain hole and it gets returned on the fill hole.
That looks good and out of the way. What did you use for a pump? Is that an 4500 or 5600? The drain and fill must be pipe thread? The drain on the g56 is directly on the bottom so I didn't want to have anything hanging down. There are also not pipe thread. I'm sure I could have figured it out and used the fill for the return, but the plate was easy and it was coming off anyway.

Also the bar mounted high above your driveline, is that for a traction bar setup?

How long have you run that gear vendors setup? Do you tow with it? How much power are you running through it?

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