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Originally Posted by Sod Farmer View Post
Sorry to hear that the Ram seats hurt your wifes back. Anyone who has had back problems knows what real pain is! I bought my latest Ram (2019 2500 Laramie) partly based on what I perceive to be really comfortable seats. I've had two back surgerys and my back is very sensitive when it comes to a good seat. I can sit all day in my Ram and never have any discomfort. I guess I'm a FAN! That being said, if it was my wife, I would find something that works better for her. As they say, "If momma isn't happy, nobody is happy"!

I agree, Happy Wife=Happy Life. With that said, the finding something that works is the challenge. Is it a different brand truck? A different brand or style of seat? Without being able to test whatever may be the solution on a long road trip, it will be difficult to find what works. When I say long trips is when she has issues it's just that, most of the time when she does ride in Thor it's local (under 50 miles round trip). Most longer trips that we aren't towing or hauling, it's in her car, so no issue. When we do take my truck, it's an extended trip and her back starts to hurt within the first couple hours.

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