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Originally Posted by chettej View Post
Hey all my leafsprings are about shot, my truck has 273k miles and think its time to get some new suspension. it has the 4in blocks and id like to keep at the same hieght so ive looked at the 4in rough country lift kit but it says that it is not for the model with the cummins motor.
There are no cummins-specific leaf springs for the rear. Heavier trucks have 3/4" eye bolts. Lighter trucks have 5/8". I have cummins trucks with either size eye bolts. I have gas trucks with the 3/4" eye bolts.

Check your spring hangers for being rusted through. If you need to change these, it really adds to the labour. At which point you can consider mounting them lower, or further apart, and even run longer springs (better ride). Jungle over at RCC has a stout shackle-flip setup that can eliminate the block. Chevy leafs (56" or 63") have more arch to them than Dodge. (stock vs stock.)

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