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Originally Posted by cjgoode View Post
every 40 miles is a real problem. I went about 9 months with only short drives do to family medical issues, It did go through a regen for about a week straight as farthest I went was 3 miles round trip each day, so it never finished regen and started again as soon as I started it up. I determined it was in regen mode based on the smell behind the truck and the drop in MPG while driving. Once I hit the highway, even through it was only for about 15 minutes to go to a Dr visist it finished, it did not do one again for a few months with short driving and idling.

Now I am hitting the highway about every month for a 1200 mile round trip. It almost always does a regen on the return which puts it about about 1,000 miles or so between regens, once again based on the instant drop in MPG and jump back to normal once completed.

So I have done serious short distance driving and idling for months, and periods of mostly highway miles also. every 40 miles is a problem under any driving conditions.

Iíve thought it to be severely low too. Iíve had it to the dealer who worked with the ram engineers. They said the EGR valve needed cleaned. That has made no difference.

Iím at a loss as to why this truck is producing so much soot in such a short time.

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