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Originally Posted by Bolo4u View Post
A few quick question for anyone who may know. My current 2017 Ram 3500 Laramie has 10-way driver and 6 way passenger adjustable leather seats. Regardless of how she adjusts the passenger seat, my wife can't travel very far before it starts to cause serious issues with her back...

We're (me ) considering a 2019 Ram 3500, and I see they now have both driver and passenger 8 way adjustable. Do any of you know what the extra two on the passenger and loss of two on the driver seat may be? And does anyone know if they changed anything about how the seats are cut, configured built as far and the seating or backrest are structured (aside from any adjustability). Is there extra foam or padding, or is the lumbar set up differently? I'm guessing the 2015-2017/18 are the same seats, then maybe changed them in 2019? I don't have a Ram dealer here to look at or compare the seats, so that's why I'm asking here. Thanks in advance.
I wasn't interested in the Ram trucks until they included seats that compared to the Ford 10 way seats from 20 years ago. I always thought it was odd that Ram would build trucks for the driver and that was it. I guess no one cared about the passenger until 2019. Oh well - that's history.

I'm fairly certain that the 2019 is a 10 way seat both sides. Here's what mine does. Back/forth (2), recline/upright(2), up/down (2), seat tilt up/down (2), lumbar in/out (2). That's 10. The only downside is that there are only two memory settings, which only works for 1 driver if you folder the mirrors in/out. Maybe they'll upgrade the memory settings and add a third by 2030. LOL.

My wife has back issues and loves the truck(s). She hated the seats in my Jaguar. So, I got rid of it and kept my F350. She thinks the seats in the 2019 3500 are very comfortable and also thought the 2018 seats sucked.

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California roads suck with either truck.
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