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I have a 2019 3500 with the aisin. Love it. This is my 3rd one with the aisin. 2015 had 3.73 and aisin and 2018 had 4.10 and aisin. This new 2019 has the HO (1000ft lb) with the 3.73. All duallys and all 4wd. I tow almost daily and sometimes upwards of 20k lbs. All have been deleted with 50/100 horse tunes and never had an issue; or major issue. I have had to have them flashed to relearn because of some ty shift points that got stuck, but other than that, they have been great. If you want it, get it, you won’t regret it. But if you feel like you don’t need that much truck, get the 2500 and spring for the aisin or the 68.

As mentioned, the aisin doesn’t like a lot of added power, but if you drive it smart and treat it right, it will last you a long time. I probably won’t delete this 2019... the dealership I deal with really busted my balls about the delete. Had to put it all back to stock (I know I should have anyways) but they never jack with me on it. This time though, they made it clear that they are getting hammered and don’t want to deal with it...

2018 3500 CC LB 4x4 DRW Sport Laramie 4.10 Aisin

2018 2500 Mega 4x4 68RFE 6.5 37s
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