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I'm shaking my head in disbelief at the balancing episode you just described. This was shop #1 in the original post? I'm certainly no expert on tire balancing (certifiable non-expert), but it sounds to me like there is something wrong there. Perhaps the balancing machine is screwed up, maybe bad inputs like erroneous rim width, offset... who knows... It definitely sounds like the guy doing the balancing is a question mark... Calling for almost 9.75oz of weight on one tire seems like an awful lot, given your tire size as listed. Was that on the damaged wheel? If your tires are as described in your sig line, then your tires are a little bigger than mine (I have stock 245/75-R16), but not that much bigger - and I don't have anywhere near 9.75oz on any of them. I don't know what your rims are like - maybe they aren't very consistent in weight distribution (but evidently you had satisfactory balance on the old tires). If it was going to take that much weight, I'd have had him break the tire loose and rotate it on the rim and see how much weight the balancer called for after that.

I doubt it's a flaw with the tires - you're experiencing this with two sets from different manufacturers. Not impossible, but I'd put it further down the list.

Are they using clip-on weights or adhesive weights?

Here's an interesting article on the subject of adding weight more than once. It addresses several things that relate to your situation, especially since you have a damaged wheel. To me, that's really an unknown as to how it balances vs on-vehicle behavior.

I hope someone else has some additional thoughts on this!

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