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Retrofitting tow mirrors with sales codes LER and LEM?

I got a very respectable deal on a 2018 Laramie Crew Cab 4x4, but the one feature it doesn't have that I would like to add is the towing mirrors.

After considering the 1A Auto and OEM options, I decided to bite the bullet and pay the premium for the OEM.

Bear in mind that with the options I currently have on my sport mirrors.... power, heated, power folding, turn signals, puddle lights, memory, and ambient temp sensor (driver side).... we are talking nearly $1,000 for the OEM parts!

I placed the order with the online dealer having the best price, and they sent an email asking for my VIN. I sent them the VIN thinking good on them to double check the application, and got a return email that says they talked with Chrysler and NONE of the factory towing mirrors can be added to my truck because it has sales codes LER (power folding) and LEM (memory).

This sounded ridiculous to me because my truck has the factory puck system for GN/5W and the part numbers that I selected (68412885AA, 68412884AA) should have all the same features as my existing mirrors.

I then started texting with a friend who is a tech at a local dealership that is going to flash the PCM for me, and low and behold the parts catalog has a note for all the variants of towing mirrors saying that they can't be installed on trucks with sales codes LEM, LEN, or LER.

When he entered my VIN into his system, it shows LEM and LER installed, but the interesting thing is that it gives him the option of adding code LEG which is for the towing mirrors so that the power adjustment stays properly oriented whether the mirrors are flipped up or down.

Question - has anyone successfully installed towing mirrors on a truck that has sales codes LEM and LER?

My understanding is that the power folding towing mirrors were not available until the 2015 model year, and I am wondering (hoping) that the notes are possibly only applicable to 2014 and earlier models?

This has been very frustrating, so any insight or assistance would be most appreciated. Thank you!

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