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I went to the tire shop again and had them balanced one more time. This time I told him to make sure the machine says OK instead of pulling the wheel off after putting the weights on. Then I told him to loosen the wheel and clock it 180 degrees and check them again. He wouldn't. He said it won't read right because the wheel position changed. I said, if it's balanced, then it's balanced and it doesn't matter what position it's in. He tried with one and it read off balance again. He wouldn't do it to the others. The 4th tire would never read OK. It asked for 5 oz in one place and he put the weights on, spun it, and then it asked for 3.75 oz in another spot and 1 oz in another. He said the machine just does that sometimes.

I have to cut my ties with them and have an appointment at another shop for Monday morning. These guys left my wheel loose, inflated 10 ply tires on an 8k truck to 32 psi (should be 72), bent my center cap bolt on one wheel, ordered the wrong size replacement tires, let me show up for the appointment and then informed me I had to come back another day because they were out of wheel weights, and told me the hub size was my problem when they aren't hub centering rims. I'm losing more time from work than it's worth and it looks like the are incapable. Strange, because they are the ones who do the city equipment and lots of other commercial stuff and have for probably 50 years. Sign of the times I guess, nobody has knowledge or work ethic anymore.

Now it seems to be fairly smooth for the first 20 minutes or so, but as the tires warm up, the problem gets worse. So how do you balance a hot tire? I wouldn't think the balance would change with temp but it does. Maybe it's a flaw with the tires?

I may try the spare tire thing, been thinking about that but short on time.

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