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Blue chip Vp44

Admin please move to the right category if this is in the wrong place.

So been doing some research on vp44s and who builds them, what they do, the whole Fedex thing, etc...

Seems like all the info i find is on the basic "rebuild" with a 1 year warranty. However I see on their website they have The Best rebuild option. For a whopping $2800 bucks with a 3 year warranty they claim to have a new computer, steel bushed sleeve, piston and diaphram, etc..

My question is has anyone ever actually dished out the cash for one of these pumps? I get that for the 3000 bucks most would see it as use the cash for a p-pump but im looking for more info to understand if the price tag is just for the exteneded warranty or if there is actually something better that's been done to these pumps.. Im not looking to p-pump my truck and my current (what i assume is) original vp44 is doing alright with 198,xxx on the clock. Definitely want to change it out before it decides to give me problems and it wont be accepted as a core. Im a fan of "pay for what you get" so if paying $2800 will get me a pump that is so to say "more reliable" "offers better performance/economy" and a 3 year unlimited mile warranty I wouldn't mind dishing out the cash. But if its just "advertisement BS" then i feel they shouldnt even list something like that..

Anyhow.. Any opinions or replies from anyone that has dealt with one of these pumps or has some more insight than i do would be greatly appreciated!

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