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starter rebuild question

So, my "other" project starter just clicks when I turn the key to start. It used to actually turn the engine over sometimes when I attempted to, but now it just clicks. I dropped the starter, hooked up a ground between the starter and the block, leaving the electrical connections on the starter to test it. When the key is turned to "start" position, it shoots out the gear but does not turn at all. FYI, this happens with known good, charged batteries so it is not the batteries. Originally, I thought it was the crappy cable ends so I crimped on new, good ends on any questionable cable.

My question is: do I need to rebuild the solenoid, or the starter?

I don't want to buy a rebuilt starter from a-zone or Oreillys (for $185), but I am kind of on a time cruch here to get this truck running.

2001 Dodge 2500. 221k, 2wd qclb, allegedly built auto, 57mm Super B/s475, 6x.011 pdd injectors, Arp head studs, Edge JwA+CS, Fass 220, Hamilton pushrods, Crower 110#, .093 crossover tubes.
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