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Throttle issues 2002 dodge cummins

So I recently installed the Quadzilla xzt+ chip on my truck, while out testing it I had my throttle get stuck at about 20mph in third gear, I let off the pedal and it just kept going at the same speed, I pushed the clutch in and it revd up a little bit then the motor died. I pulled over let it sit for a minute and started it back up. It drove normally again. Once I got home I looked at my throttle cable it was a little bit frayed, so I cleaned it up as best I could. It worked fine for about two days, today it did it again while I was in 4th gear at about 1,200 rpms, this time instead of pushing the clutch in I gently taped on the pedal but nothing happened, I continued to tap on it ever so lightly until it eventually snapped out of it. I don’t think I was even hitting the pedal hard enough to make it move in fear of it getting stuck even more. My question is, could it be the chip causing this or is it my frayed throttle cable? While testing the cable with the engine off it doesn’t seem like it sticks. So I’m kinda confused.

Any input would be very much appreciated!

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