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It WAS the DOT and he was not pulling commercially.
I know that the DOT and EPA regulates emissions on all new vehicles but had not heard of it before on a roadside check on non commercial vehicles.
This person is about the most reliable person you can meet. He was so proud of the power and mileage he was getting on his new truck with all of the GOV junk removed until he got stopped. But was quick to put it all back on.
And not paying out of state tickets is never an option these days. Computer systems can get you where ever you are.
I moved to Alaska in 2012. Last year Louisiana tried to garnish my income tax return for not renewing my vehicle registration in LA. It took me months to prove to them that they were and had been registered in AK.
I had to supply affadavits from INS company showing coverage dates and such just to keep my own money. Just hope this is not an example of things to come from the revenue generating GOV agencies.
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