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Louisiana DPS (basically weights and measures police) can and do occasionally pull over RVers but theyíve gotta be doing something exceptionally obviously wrong looking. Normally they leave recreational stuff alone. Heck normally they leave hotshots alone. The tickets arenít big enough to justify the court costs unless itís a major overweight issue plus a bunch of other stuff. Theyíd rather go after the class-8 trucks speeding and weaving lanes because those fines can easily get into 4 digits, and more often than not the company will just pay the fine and move on.

Just gotta watch with the tickets in non-adjoining states. They may not chase you for it, but some states will issue a warrant for the cited driver. Thatíll pop up if the driver ever gets run in ADSI or ICJIS (or fills out a 4473) and could show up in a background check or credit report.

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