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Roadside DOT Check

Did they drag him in to pay the fine before he left the state? If the law there had any teeth the vehicle would have been impounded immediately or at least not allowed to be moved under its own power. If not wad the ticket up and stay out of California if indeed that is where the ticket was issued.
This is the first i have ever heard of this happening.
For me it would be the same as getting a fine for a “high capacity” magazine. Leave the west coast for home in Texas and they wont do anything to help California with the ticket they wrote. I doubt there is extradition for such a thing.
I have heard of things like red light cameras having tickets issued to people from other states where red light cameras are illegal. The state issuing the ticket tosses it out if the car is registered in another state. Basically only enforcing that states laws on its own citizens. Different states have different laws. While it is always wise to obey all laws in a state it is very hard to collect fines from citizens that don’t reside there.

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