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Overall the 19 will be a totally different animal than your 12. Youll be impressed, and impressed daily if you make the jump to the 19. This 19 produces and transfers power much differently and much better than earlier 6.7s. The only time any dead pedal is present that I have found is until the engine is brought up to operating temp. Also the ESC is very sensitive and will depower upon any wheel slip. Shutting the esc off cures that one..

The 12'' screen is something I did not like at first. However the more I use it the more I like it and the features that come along with it. It just took some getting use to and learning where everything you commonly reach and search for is located. It is very user friendly and easy to use and easy to reach for common stuff without taking your eyes off the road. Its fast, responsive and with near zero lag.

Infotainment wise, More so than the 12'' screen, the harmon kardon sound is the better more impressive feature. And really shines with your own music input.. Weather you choose the 8 or 12 screen, find a truck with Laramie equipment 2 package.

The towing technology group is worth every penny if you can find a truck with it equipt with other options you want. My truck does not have it, but I am adding it asap.

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