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All trucks pull to the right a little because of the road camber, I notice it more in the 2500 then others I have driven. When the road cambers to the left for rain run off it pulls to the left a little, reminds me its the road and not the alignment. They should align it as part of the recall, but usually will not align it for free just because its off unless they are being generous.

I am waiting for them to decide on my synergy replacement reimbursement, submitted this week. Early on they were reimbursing everyone, but lately it seems to be hit or miss. For $300 buck and I installed it myself, its worth it just to have a non welded drag link. I loosened the nuts on my old one, and the amount of play in the shaft and adjusting sleeve was so bad I have no confidence those spot welds is an end all solution. I would think hitting a curb real hard might easily break it, at least on mine with the free play in it.

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