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Originally Posted by daltana View Post
I love my dually. Crew cab long bed. Dont haul heavy and rarely tow. Parking takes getting used to. Drive thru won't fit. Unloaded ride is fine with me, it's a truck. It is my daily driver. Driving the interstate is great. Had a dually in PA and driving in the snow is not bad, takes getting used to. I am glad I bought mine. Do I need a truck that big, no. Why did I buy it, because I can and love it.
Everybody's different. And my opinion is just that -- Opinion; and essentially useless. Personal preference.

I've driven my buddy's dually in the snow and it won't make it up a 1% grade in 2WD. Even with 300lbs of sand in the bed.

I can't get it to stay pointed in one direction on a less-than-perfect road. Wants to wander all over the place. He had his front end checked out and they said it was darn near perfect.

Maybe it's the F-350's???

OBTW, my brother had an F-350 IDI 7.3 stick shift, 2WD that handled pretty good.


My Buddy is the same way as you. He has no need for a dually but won't give his up for anything. Loves it.
But he's strange, too.

I have a lot of strange friends.

Makes me wonder

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