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This is info from another thread on this forum i believe

“If its a gov pressure solenoid its more likely to stick open causing 2nd or 3rd gear starts, if its a transducer or speed sensor failure, the ecm cannot compute a reading to open the gov pressure solenoid and it will stay in 1st and never shift.
If it stays in 1st, winds way out then grabs 3rd, then its a sure sign that you have a 2nd gear band failure, even if you adjust it in and it comes back, it will only be a short lived fix. To make sure that 2nd gear is at fault, you can unplug your 8pin connector, which will open the gov circuit completely. Now start the truck in neutral and quickly yank the shifter from Neutral to Manual 1st. Now accelerate to 2000rpm and manually shift to 2nd gear, this eliminates all electronic control and if it does not manually shift to 2nd gear, you know its a mechanical failure. Lavon”
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