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48re 2nd gear issue

Hey all. First post here so a little background. I bought an 06 qcsb 4x4 for my wife. It has 160k on it. And just recently added an edge evolution cs2. We have had quite a few issues with it. The newest is the trans was starting out in second gear. So i jumped into my first auto trans repair. Not being one to under do things, and knowing we would be towing our new 5th wheel with it, i ordered everything i could get to without pulling the trans.

Bd diesel pressure transducer
Transgo shift kit
Suncoast diesel 2000 shift solenoid
Suncoast governor pressure solenoid
Suncoast billet strut and anchor kit
Suncoast super servo
Suncoast billet band lever
Suncoast accumulator piston
Gorend deep pan
New filter
Inspected both bands(plenty of material on both)
Adjusted both bands per manual

Install wise everything went smoothly. And worked great when i was done for five months or so. Now on my birthday a few weeks ago. We were driving out of our neighborhood, about a mile of roughish dirt road. I usually leave it in manual 2 locked heading out. We were heading up this last steep hill and the trans kicked down into 1st, without any prompting to do so, and would not go back into second. It would go into third but not unless i lifted completely after about 20mph. It still goes through 3rd and 4th and locks up in both at appropriate speeds and demand. It has persisted and im about ready to throw this truck off a cliff. Mind you i have a 2000 qclb 4x4 cummins 5speed with 350k on it. I love that truck but it is my work truck with a 1000lbs ARE work camper on it. So we just bought a 5th wheel to tow with my wifes 06 and now cant. The scenario sounds a little different than other threads ive seen so dont shoot me if its been covered. It is not throwing a code. Any ideas what im getting into on this. I hope its something simple.

Thanks in advance.

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