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your not getting anything because you said you want only the original parts... those parts are history they were only made for a few years and the ones still in trucks are all worn out as well owners don't replace the TPS just because they want to they replace it because the parts are not available and therirs is worn out.... the reason the replacement is made from steel and alluminum is because the nylon was a problem area for them..
if your going to drive a 1st gen the #1 thing ya've gotta get down is that most parts specific to those first 4 years are no longer available as it was discovered they had issues so they got upgraded in later models and as a result there are no replacement parts, wait till your ECU dies and ya discover the only option is to de-computerize the truck as there is no source for replacement ECU there are a few guys trying to rebuild em but those tend to not last long since all the other components still have alota use on em ie; electrical current heating and cooling chips,

one thing with 1st gens, ya gotta be ready to either eliminate components or ya gotta be ready to spend ALOT of money for replacements and those will not be original they will be upgraded, your basically driving the equivalent to a "Studabaker" these first gen trucks are complete orphans in 94 Dodge completally redesigned the truck and threw out everything but the base engine block, they only made replacement parts for the required 10 year period which has long passed now and all NOS is pretty much gone...

Trying to keep a 1st gen original is not for those wishing to stay on a budget or those who want to use it as a daily driver, I get customers all the time drooling all over my 93 and how nice it is... it takes 2 parts trucks to keep it that nice cause I use it as a Daily driver and parts especially plastic breaks pretty regular, the engines solid though and it has a 5 speed so I avoided the added issues of an automatic 1st gen we went through those problems with my moms first gen that was an automatic... just sold that one as it was getting to expensive for her to keep driving and she needed something easier to get in and out of... so 21st century truck was the answer

if ya don't want to go with a TPS delete your gonna have to spend the $150 and just get used to it as thats life driving a 57 Chevy Belair or Studabaker Lark as a daily driver... if ya get a chance buy ya a parts truck and put it in your back yard for future needs when I run outa spare parts then the engine/drive train outa my 93 will move into a Chevy truck and continue on...

orrr I've got a sweet rust free 66 Ford long bed that might get moved onto a 1st gen frame... bought it cause its the year I was born and the old gal who was second owner only wanted $400... with 1st gens ya always gotta be looking for what that engine drive train might go good in cause the cummins will easily outlive the Dodge truck around it...
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