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I just went through a fan clutch fiasco as well. I had a new aftermarket clutch that didn't make it 10K. It started to puke out its fluid. I replaced it with a brand new Mopar clutch...and that one didn't work right out of the box - it had no continuity between pins 1 and 6 right from brand new. I just put a second Mopar clutch on and it works just fine. Of all the clutches I have been through, I never once got a fan clutch code. Even with the last Mopar unit that had no continuity between the 1 and 6 pins.

I can confirm that you most certainly do not have to wait 15 mins to see if the clutch engages properly. Just fire the truck up and turn on the AC. Once the high side pressure reaches its cut in point for the fan clutch, it will engage. I hazard a guess that this would have taken less than 30 seconds of AC operation to achieve this.

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