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Thanks for the response PWONG. I questioned what normal operation is as well. Current issues are:

AC is marginal at idle but working a little better since I added freon last summer

Transmission fluid temp. Before adding a Dynamic transmission cooler delete kit and later a new Mishimoto transmission cooler, transmission always ran hot in the summer. When running empty, 200 -215 was normal around town on my Edge Insight gauge (which reads 15 degrees F too high). During slow climbs in the mountains pulling a light ATV or raft trailer, It quickly got up to as high as 230. Always feel like I have no buffer for serious hauling on a hot day. New cooler is doing much better with thermostat deleted. All radiators, coolers are clean and fins straightened.

Coolant temp is running at 200 degrees F on gauge now with normal driving. Used to be steady at 190.

I have a back country trip planned that will put a strain on the cooling system. It's 100 miles of steep, narrow, sometimes rocky, switch back climbs to 8000 feet. There are slow climbs to old lookout towers where the speeds will be closer to 10 mph. There are no services for the duration of the trip. Average speed will be around 20 mph so not much wind going through the radiator. See:

Right now I'm prepping the truck for the trip, everything from tires and brakes to cooling systems.

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