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So I finally made some progress on diagnosing the issue. Put a new fuel pressure gauge on and saw it was reading about 27 psi at idle so I know the fuel pressure is good. Decided to turn up the fuel pressure with the tork tek ofv and see if the issue got better. Turned it in all the way and the pressure only rose to about 30 psi at idle but the issue got a lot worse. Random misfire out of the exhaust and lots of white/light blue smoke. Since it was doing it constantly I was able to narrow the issue down to cylinder 1 by cracking the injector lines. When I cracked number 1 the smoke almost completely dissapeared and when I tightened it again it came back. Since I just changed the injectors and the issue remained the same im now looking at the injection pump. Im thinking either a sticking delivery valve or warped barrel. One thing to note is when I free rev the engine the fuel pressure will rise but then drop 5-10 psi after a second and then rise again. What do you guys think, throw in some delivery valves or remove the pump and send it to a shop?
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