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Mine is in the driveshaft side as well. There was someone on here in another thread that suggested most of the heat is coming from the exhaust. I added more exhaust wrap and rigged up a shield on the pipe. Haven't towed but I don't think there's a significant improvement. I drove it empty to work a couple times. It's about a 45 minute drive and most of it is cruise set at 72 or 73 in 6th. I will get up to 195 just in that short time with ambient temps in the mid 90's.

Several years ago I hauled a 40ft high cube shipping container home from salt lake. This was before I had the temp probe stuck in the transmission, it was actually in the rear diff at the time. It's pretty much a long slow climb from salt lake all the way to Evanston on the interstate. Ambient temperature was over 100. Hottest the rear end got was 210. This was when I decided that I would never have to worry about the rear end temp and moved the probe to the transmission. I was driving based on coolant temp. I would back off when the coolant hit 230, I was able to stay above 65 at most times. I had no idea that the trans ran hot and I wouldn't be surprised if I was over 260 for a lot of that trip.

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