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Ok, took this truck for a drive...

Engine is fairly smooth idling...started up with no smoke, at idle it has just a slight bit of roughness. On a slow test drive, it is smooth and has lots of power. The power screw still has its top hat installed, so I don't think it was ever touched.

Transmission shifted fine through the gears, seemed more responsive than I remember the 727s being behind a Cummins, not that I hot rodded it. It definitely has D61/D71 axles, he said it would run 85mph...not happening with 3.55s.

The bad (or good)'s on worn out 35s AND the lift is all blocks...stacked blocks out back, single block up front. I'm fairly certain PA will not pass with blocks up front. They also welded blocks the rear bumpstops to make up for the lift. So I have two choices: pull the blocks, sell the 35s, buy regular rims/tires OR buy front lift springs and rear blocks, and keep it on 35s.

It was also hard to diagnose any issues because of the mud tire lug thump and hum, but I nothing screamed issue to me...I also forgot how harsh the 1st gens shut off...

It needs a lot of TLC, the gear shift selector deal doesn't show the current gear, the ABS/Brake lights are on (what to check first), trim is shot, wiring is a mess. The body panels all need aligned.

Otherwise, the frame is immaculate, the steering box has a brace already, has a bergeson shaft, new front driveshaft, new joints, new exhaust, new shocks, new brakes (rotors, drums, shoes, pads, hardware)...

In the end, I gave him a deposit, go swap the title tomorrow afternoon and have it roll bedded home (it's about 75 miles, not willing to trust its maiden voyage that far). Its a solid start...

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