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That was a bust...frame-perfect (has less rust than my 2012 Silverado that I oil undercoat), body-solid but beat with an ugly stick (body was cracked in places, dents, repainted from white to gray, wiring was atrocious, slight amount of surface rust above windshield), battery was DOA so no engine or trans report. Looked decent...stated 180k...

Ran a carfax...last mileage report was 341k in 2009. At 10k per year to today, that would mean it has at least 441k...far from 180k. Adding 180k on the odo to the reported 341k, well...

Had a Happi-Jack camper takedown system and HD receiver hitch, Wifey wondered if it was a camper transport...hmmm?

Back to the hunt...

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