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The oil temp and pressure gauges in these trucks are fake. Unless you have aftermarket. The stock ones are 100% fake.
so you dont believe that the oil pressure cold is around 50 psi and it drops to 35-45 depending on run condition when it gets warmer. I had a '17 duramax that was about the same, acted the same and was confirmed with and edge insight. Why would they make the guages fake?
Yes the oil pressure gauge is fake. It doesn’t read oil pressure just uses the oil pressure switch (over 5 psi) and computer algorithm. Chrysler is to cheap to install a real pressure sensor. This has been discussed and proven already. Don’t know about the oil temp. Also unless you installed a real pressure gauge edge insight is using what the computer is saying.

I wonder what the legal implications are here. It was never disclosed to me when I bought the truck that some of the gauges were fake especially the oil pressure gauge! This is misleading the buyer for sure.
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