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Based on the trucks display, my 2017 2500 Mega was averging around 17 to 18 MPG mixed city/highway. This was pretty consistent for the first 2 years I owned her.

A couple months ago I did my first tire change from the stock Firestone's to a little beefier Nito Terra Grappler G2 LT295/60R20. I immediately saw my average mileage drop to about 15.5 - 15.9. Is this typical with such a slight tire size change?

Also, in the last couple of weeks I've notice another decrease and am now averaging around 14.5 - 14.9.

I read on an earlier post of this thread that gas quality might make a difference. I recently started filling up at a gas station with diesel around 50 cents per gallon cheaper (that's a big difference in California with our stupid gas prices). Do you guys think this could be a lower quality fuel and causing the additional decrease?

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