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Yep, fluid cooling is forgiving. If the flow is faster there is less heat exchange but the fluid passes through more often. The net affect isn't as drastic as the flow changes. No exchanger is 100%... You will never have 0* approach. Keeping exchangers clean is also critical. Approach temp goes up when the surfaces are dirty. That might be why some guys get more benefit from the tstat bypass... The air cooler is more plugged with bugs and dirt than the next guys cooler.
An extra bonus from cooler temp is firmer shifting. A Protect 68 or VB WAS going to be my next mod but I wouldn't want it shifting any harder than it does now. It's on the borderline of slamming, when in tow/haul. I think it's just right but that wasn't planned... I'd rather be "lucky" than "good", any day! Craig

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