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I did this to a HEMI race truck.

I had rules to follow to stay in a class of racing. To "free" up power I converted to a electric fan and electric water pump. It made a huge improvement, mostly on launching. The engine could span the RPM range a lot easier.

I have "thought" about doing this with my Cummins. I've decided to not do it, mostly for reliability reasons. I'm not sure if would make enough of an improvement on a torquey engine with a much lower red line. On the race HEMI, I would hit just over 7000 RPM. So from ~700RPM to 7100RPM is a large range. The quicker the engine would go from idle to shift point 7100, the better. However, with a non race Cummins, you only have ~700 to 3100 RPM. A much smaller RPM range.

I'd be interested in how you perceive the improvements. Example, easier leaving a light, or faster shift points..

On the belts. I did research on belt contact. You'll note some belt driven devices have 3/4 pulley contact, and other may only have 33% or 50% contact. If its a high strain device, like an AC compressor or alternator you will note 75% contact with pulleys. Most cranks have a very high belt contact. Look at other engine belt routing, you start to see a common design on contact patch.

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