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P0087 when half full tank only

Like the title says, i get the P0087 ( low rail pressure) but i only get it when i get below a half tank of fuel.
new filters, new fuel rail and sensors ( dealer throwing parts at it).

Dealer says all flow tests were fine. I am thinking lift pump is dirty in tank ?
I do have a 50 gallon aux tank plumbed into the main tank thats been recently emptied and checked for dirt, algea and water ( by me) and it looks really clean.

I have around 62,000 on the truck and it is all stock even the exhaust with no tuner or mods on it.
Dealer saying maybe injectors( more parts throwing at it), but it has never thrown an injector code and it runs fine. If it was injector(s) then it wouldnt run fine until i hit half a tank.

As long as i keep it half full or more , no code , no power loss. This has happened with loaded trailer and an empty trailer. Loaded when im just cruising or getting heavy footed it has thrown the code as well as empty trailer with cruise set at 65 MPH on flat ground it has thrown it. Always under half tank.

Ive changed filters 3 times at first thinking maybe fuel related but doubt thats it. I fuel at big stations and burn tons of fuel hauling wide loads so i goi through a bunch of fuel, im averaging 8.9 MPG in the 62,000 so i change filters on an earlier schedule than normal. I change at 10,000 not 15,000 due to the volume of fuel i burn.

I have searched several threads but my half tank issue is kind of a weird deal i hAve not seen related to this code.
I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions from you smart guys in here too ! LOL

Would rather not have dealer throw more parts at this because my truck in the damn shop means im not working , plus the fact the dealer monkeys are usually fools, usually !!

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