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Hauling 34,500 with an f350 p24v

Hey all, first post long time reader. Started up a forestry mulching and land clearing business and the skid steer is huge, T-Rex Rt350 with a 120 hp Cummins that weighs 13,5 with the mulching head. To tow it currently have a 96 f350 p pump 24 valve swapped truck with 3.55s on 35" toyo mt's load range F tires. Absolutely not ideal for towing 34,5k I know but i was wondering if anyone has any experience towing this kind of weight with something like this. Planning on an f550 as soon as money allows

I bought the parts truck already built and it was setup for race by a crazy hillbilly that thought all the fuel was best. It had 150 horse ddp injectors, full cut delivery valves and all afc adjustments set for max fuel with some weird 66/65/12 turbo. I didnt realize how maxed the fuel was and actually hauled the whole load 3 hrs home from where we bought it, with the 3.55s and 35s it hauled 70mph in 4th with about 975egts. I've since taken out the full cuts and yesterday started tuning the Afc down and it runs 100 times better empty, turbo spools way better and i actually hit 40psi, smoke actually clears up, still need to take out some pre boost fuel I think.

My question is can i tune this pump down enough to haul this load without smoking out all of Missouri down low, or do i need to either swap 4.10s in or get compound turbos? Will compound turbos tear my truck apart towing that much weight? perfectly fine driving conservatively while hauling that much.

I dont want to bore anyone with a much longer post but other truck specs include hydroboost brakes, 01 nv4500 with a 3250 dual disc, all alumunium 6.0 intercooler, quad motor mounts, superduty icon leave springs that actually haul the load awesomely, dual North star AGM batteries, fass pump set to 38 psi and custom filters. Thanks for reading and any input

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