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Originally Posted by BSH View Post
Hello just trying to get the truck started after a bunch of engine upgrades. Having a heck of a time getting fuel to the injectors after having the pump off the truck and putting in new delivery valves and injectors. Also did cam, lifters, pushrods, valve springs, lift pump, sump and head studs.

Just starting to see a bit of fuel coming out injector nuts after at least 30 times running the starter for 10 seconds. When I tighten the nuts though it won‚€™️t start. Also should mention valve lash is set and timing has been moved from 13 to 18.

Today I noticed some type of sensor or transducer that is unplugged, thought it may have been from the mechanical lift pump that I removed but now I‚€™️m not so sure.

Will post a picture soon just wanted to see if there is any ideas out there

Thank you
What kind of lift pump do you have?
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