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Originally Posted by Dieseldave94 View Post
Thanks for the reply. Im hoping its an injector and not the pump because I was planning on putting new injectors in soon anyways but the main thing that has me confused is the oil smell. This is my first diesel so Im still trying to figure everything out but the smoke smells like fresh oil like if you stuck your nose in a brand new jug of oil. Is it possible that the smell is just unburnt diesel? No pinging or knocking and no major tach fluctuation. The main area I can tell the misfire is from the exhaust. The engine doesn't shake too much but the sputtering from the exhaust is loud and will puff smoke every time it sputters.
Hey no problem, anything to help Alittle. Diesel is oil in a sense. Once it's heated by the engine and not ignited it does kinda smell like oil, it almost smells like an old dirty engine kinda smell. Hard to explain. The only way I could see oil getting in to the fuel on a p pump is through the pistons that compress the the fuel but the pressure would be so immense you'd be adding fuel to your oil for sure. Could crack ur lines at the Injectors and see if the fuel has oil in it. Should be fairly evident. The rough cold start still makes me think injectors. Luckily they're cheaper than a 24v or dirtymax.

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