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Exclamation Re-Manufactured 6.7 Cummins Motor

Hello Forum,

This is my first post on here, so bare with me. I got a 12 Cummins 6.7 Laramie Longhorn 1 year ago. After purchasing it I learned it was deleted, straight pipe, banks intake, and what I found out to be a high horsepower tune. Long story short is he drove the truck towing hard and never looked at exhaust temps and did a lot of damage to the motor. Truck shows delete happened around 15,000 and there is 111,00 on the truck. I had good luck with it up till a week ago Coming down the hill ( We live in the mountains in CO) headed to a race near our house rigged up I engaged the jake brake and all of a sudden I felt something breka loose in the motor and then it continued to knock and double knock hard, motor shaked, and blew white till I was able to get over and turn her off. I had done all my oil changes @ 3K and had taked really good care of it. I was about to get an Edge reader, but regardless the motor probably had its damage done by the time I took ownership.

Sent it into our local professional diesel shop, and they did a compression test on the motor and stopped after the first cylinder. It had 0% compression. Shop techs said motor is toast. He melted it.

The Dealer I bought the truck from sold me a 4,500 service agreement 36,000/ or 36 months on the powertrain +. Inspector came to shop and denied the claim due to EGR delete, and exhaust mod. Dealer never told me, but my buddy I showed the truck to after I bough it told me it was deleted. I didn't mind cause I planned to do it anyways to the truck. This is my first Cummins, always been a Powerstroke guy, but had cooler problems on those trucks. So I told myself I would delete, and it was done anyway.

Long story short I have been doing a lot of research on re-manufcatured motors vs. built motors. I have a couple shops here that seem to have different opinions. I wanted to ask the group what everyone recommends I do. I am going to spend some money, but I want to do it right. I am also going to upgrade turbo, transmission, tune and programmer when I do the motor. My rig weighs around 6K.

I love the truck and motor and want to build it up right. Thanks in advance!

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