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Originally Posted by ramirez1133 View Post
Games, maybe two/three injectors are dirty which can cause the engine to die. I'm sure he understands my point.

Smh, you're* annoying. Did you know it's rude to correct others on how to use or pronounce certain words? Did your parents tell u people who use their advanced knowledge to embarrass or humiliate others are the absolute worst?

I'm sure you're* a retired, heavy set, obese male who can recite the dictionary definition from memory. Smh, go do something and leave the keyboard alone for one day. You must be miserable.
It is GAmes, first initial last name. If two or three injectors are dirty enough to cause an engine to die it will not restart, and it will not be sporadic. Your thought process is faulty. It wasn't even a good guess.

The misuse of your and you're causes confusion. You should thank me for taking the time to try to make you a little smarter.

Am am a retired 71 year old helicopter pilot, not obese, not heavy set who paid attention while in school. How that could possibly make a difference is a mystery.

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