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Originally Posted by Daves06Cummins View Post
I put the test light to C2/10 LB/OR wire by piercing the conductor insulation connector connected and it lit up.
Engine off or running. However with engine running, blower ON and AC light ON, test light not lit (Off).
So jumpering this wire to ground won't damage ECM?
Just want to be sure before doing so.
How did you hook up the test light, to the battery negative post?
If yes, then the light should be on when there is no ac request.
And the light should be off when there is ac request.

So your ac request signal to TIPM is good.

After you send the ac request signal to TIPM you can verify the TIPM OUTPUT AT C9-3 with the test light.
There is no need to use a jumper since the request signal can be sent from the ECM.

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