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Originally Posted by Daves06Cummins View Post
Yesterday I measured ECM C2/10 input to TIPM Trigger Signal, ECM is to supply a ground to TIPM when the AC Console switch is illuminated and found it at 12.06vdc back probing the Light Blue/Orange conductor. I tried to cycle the AC switch light On/Off with key On, Blower Fan On, and then tried with engine running with same setup. No Change voltage was constant at 12.06vdc.
If it is truly Shorted then I will replace TIPM.
You verified the trigger signal with C2 connected to TIPM?

And it showed 12.06V with and without AC request from the HVAC control module.

It could either be the TIPM shorted internally at C2-10 or the ECM failed to send the trigger signal.

I would try to use a jumper to jump the LB/OR wire to ground to see if there is 12V output at C9-3 DB/YL wire and clutch engagement.
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