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Originally Posted by GAmes View Post
Originally Posted by nSaEvAyL View Post
This is why I have stayed off this site for the last 6 years.
I took a look at your last post from 2014. So tell me, do you still believe this?

Originally Posted by nSaEvAyL View Post
. Your boost lines going to your boost gauge have like a 3-4mm inside diameter (I'm just throwing that number out there) however, psi=pressure per squar INCH not PER MILIMETER. When a 1 Inch line will lift 40lbs of weight when charged to 40psi, your 4mm boost gauge will lift, well lets see. 25.4mm per 1 inch. So math: 4÷25.4 will give us what percent difference it is between a 1 inch hose and a boost line. So 4÷25.4=0.1574 or 15.74%. So your boost gauge is 84% (100%-15.74%) smaller than what PSI reading are suppose to be measured in (a 1inch hose).
Games you are too funny. I wonder how long you spent looking for this. You won't read how a turbo works but you will spend hours looking for dirt. Reread the post. I wrote this in the correct context of what the poster was asking.

As for the fuel psi issue. It does sound to me like the lift pump is bad. Another thing I have seen is using the wrong fuel line from the tank. The lift pump will actually draw enough suction to collapse a weak fuel line. Last I saw this a guy was running 1/2" heater hose instead of fuel injection rated hose. Anyways, just another area to check.

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