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Originally Posted by CumminsPowered View Post
I don’t have a tuner to pull codes. I have no check engine light. I also don’t have a rail pressure guage either. I do have a fuel pressure gauge and it stays between 6-10 psi.

I brought a set of filters with me so I can change them today and see if that helps.
On my 2005, I can show the engine codes by turning key on-off, on-off, on, and they appear in odometer display.

I second the ATF in the fuel. Knew someone who was told on a 6.7 all injectors were bad, was running real rough and blowing smoke. He pulled fuel filter which was filthy and filled the housing with ATF and dumped ATF in the tank, and within a few miles it was much improved and eventually engine was fine.

I have read the 6.7 injectors are made of tougher metal than the 5.9 as the pressures are higher in the 6.7
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