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Originally Posted by steelhead1 View Post
Drain the fuel filter, any water?

Any smell of diesel in the oil?

Any blowby?

If no, I'd put a triple dose of Diesel Kleen in the tank along with a quart of Walmart SuperTech TC-W3 outboard lube.
Then watch the mirrors for white smoke on the drive home. Check the oil level every stop.

What's your EGT gauge show?

Any fresh carbon soot buildup on the tailpipe edge?
I will drain water separator here in a bit. There is no blow by at all. EGTs have been normal both idling and driving down the highway as far as I can tell. As far as the carbon buildup, the tailpipe edges are fairly clean for not being washed in over a month.

How risky do you think it would be to drive this thing home 1,600 miles pulling 14k? I have 2 gallon of diesel kleen And have a double dose in the tank now.
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