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Truck is a 2007 5.9 6 Speed 3500. Currently about 1,600 miles from home and I am having an injector problem. My wife, 16 month old boy, and I are 4 weeks into our 5 week camping trip.

Somewhere around 2,500 miles into our trip I went to start the truck in the morning and it was blowing white smoke that smelled like fuel and idling a little rough. The smoke and idle cleared up in about 30-45 seconds. Later that day I went and got some diesel kleen and put in a heavy dose hoping it would get me by until we got home. Truck ran great the next 3,000 miles up until today.

The first start of the day again I had the same white smoke with rough idle. Cleared up shortly after starting again. Drove 6 hours to our next campground and the truck ran great. Upon arrival I went in lot the campground office to check in and left the truck idle for about 5 minutes. When I came back out and went to move I let the clutch out easy and as I did the truck stumbled some and blew some white smoke.

That leaves me in quite a pickle and I am afraid to drive the truck any further. I am in West Yellowstone Montana right now and I have no idea if there are any diesel shops around.

I am thinking my only options are give Injectors Direct a call Monday and see if they can overnight a new set of injectors and I will replace in the campground. If I go this route I will need to figure out all the tools I need to do the job.

Another option would be to see if I can make it home. I have been watching the oil level closely to make sure an injector wasn’t dumping fuel into the crankcase.

Truck only has 18,5xx miles on it. The truck has had a 2 micron fuel filter and water separator on since 2,000 miles. This is the last problem I thought I would have on this truck.

What do you guys/gals recommend? I’d like to not mess with it until I get home but I don’t know if that’s an option. Sorry for the long post, wanted to cover how everytging unfolded.

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