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Originally Posted by LastRideOut View Post
I agree. Sinister sells a $100 throttle valve delete which is expensive considering it for what it is. Tomorrow I am going to do my own throttle valve delete by simply removing the butterfly valve in the intake. I understand it is secured by two screws on both sides of the valve. Should take me about an hour to do tomorrow. I figure removing the butterfly valve myself is the route to go, since it essentially does the same thing as Sinister's tv delete.

Honestly donít even remove it, itís not worth it imo. Itís charged air at that point the TV in place sprung open and disabled itís not going to close on you and itís not hurting flow.

Iíll get a new intake horn that delete the egr valve and tv in one price before I bother putting the tv on delete back on. I know there dumb too but they look so much cleaner. Right now my stock tv is in place disabled.

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