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Electrical gremlin

So recently I installed LED dash lights, and since they turn on instantly, I noticed my check engine light flicker... everything seemed to work fine for a long time so I never bothered with it

Recently, it's got some charging and electrical issues... doesn't charge, voltage jumps all over the place (never overcharge, just under), CEL comes on when it's not charging, oil pressure is much higher than normal (3/4 gauge, always used to be 1/2).. the strangest thing is it's only when the truck is moving, so it's dang near impossible to troubleshoot, I've wiggled all sorts of wires, put a jumper cable from the block to the battery (-) etc trying to find a grounding issue.. hasn't helped any.. If only I could make it fail while not moving I'd have a chance.

93 XCLB auto diesel truck

Any ideas?

'94 SC 4x4 Dually flatdeck, ~500hp, 67mm HE351VE
'93 XCLB Auto 4x4, '92 XCLB Auto 4x4 (Dads)
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